New Additions to Youth in Government

The Showcase is a championship debate session held on Saturday, May 1, at 12:00 Noon Central Time. Invitation to the Showcase is one of the highest honors offered at this year’s 2021 Youth in Government. The highest-rated 2 bills from each YIG Conference will be invited to present before a joint committee composed of the Outstanding Delegate winners from each conference. The Showcase will be live-streamed to all YIG attendees who wish to watch and cheer on their peers and classmates. The docket for the Showcase will be published at least two weeks in advance, to give committee members time to research and prepare their arguments.

Dynamic Legislation
New to the conference this year, we’re offering opportunities for delegates to collaborate on dynamic legislation and write bills at the conference. Officer-moderated workrooms will be provided for delegates wishing to collaborate, and the app will allow delegates to submit bills throughout the weekend.

Bills submitted will be formatted and posted on the app to be introduced in the House or Senate just like pre-written legislation. Dynamic legislation will allow delegates to address budgetary or legislative concerns in real-time.

Tomfoolery Fundraising Committee
This year, we will be hosting a Tomfoolery Fundraising Committee during the Saturday social session of Youth in Government. Use this opportunity to take care of business deemed too trivial, nonsensical, or otherwise irrelevant for normal chamber debate. The Tomfoolery committee will be considering the top four submitted resolutions. Each student may only submit one Tomfoolery resolution for consideration. Delegates do not necessarily need to be on a bill team to submit a Tomfoolery Bills. Bills must be uploaded by midnight on Friday. The packet of Tomfoolery resolutions will be chosen Saturday morning of the conference and updated on the YMCA CCE app.