MUN Parent Resources

What is the agenda for the conference?
Agendas for each high school conference look similar. You can view our sample agenda here: Sample Agenda

How do I pay for the conference?
All conference fees should be turned into your school. Students do not need to pay the YMCA CCE directly.

What is the dress code?
Dress code for the conference is business attire.
Business attire includes: Suits, dresses, long skirts, blouses or sweaters, blazers, slacks, and appropriate dress shoes. 
Business attire does NOT include: Jeans, skirts shorter than 1 inch above the knee, strapless or spaghetti strap style tops, bare midriffs, bare backs, sandals, flip-flops, athletic shoes, Converse sneakers, or Birkenstocks.

Is there a packing list?
Yes – click here!

Should my student bring money?
We are selling Conference T-shirts and sweatshirts online via the Conference Store.

What is the Code of Conduct?
Every student must sign this Code of Conduct.  Please review this Code of Conduct with your child.